Katrina was born into a family of writers, journalists and filmmakers so her natural affinity to the creative arts was cultivated and nurtured early on. Katrina began creating and performing in any capacity she could from the age of 13, whether it was theatre, dance, music or poetry in which she trained and studied (Sylvia young, Moscow Arts theatre, Lyric theatre, St Charles College). She also had an interest in human performance and a passion for the martial arts, which all began from a fascination with the capabilities of the human body; as well as a means of building self confidence as a young girl. Inspired by strong female characters from the films, video games and comics she grew up on, Katrina began to develop skills in the hopes of emulating them. Whether it was martial arts, dance, equestrianism, languages (she speaks Russian and Spanish as well as English), weapons, fire etc – Katrina wanted to learn it all in the quest to become a ‘Renaissance woman’.

Following the passing of her father, Katrina completed a degree in Sport and Human Performance at Brunel University, and continued to expand her martial arts knowledge, still harbouring her passion and drive to follow her dreams in the arts. She was introduced to the magic of filmmaking during those years, and she started to learn everything she could with an insatiable thirst for knowledge in the area; refueling her love of acting. She began to train, both in the craft of itself, and also in the development and adaptation of her eclectic skill set for the stage and screen at many reputable schools and with many distinguished teachers. She was also coached and mentored early by incredible professionals of their respective fields, including Richard Durden, her uncle and ex-RSC theatre, film and TV actor, as well as past admissions board member for Central school of Speech and Drama, and writer, director, actor and action designer, Joey Ansah.

She began to work in any capacity she could on a multitude of projects; including short, corporate, music video, feature and TV productions, both in front and behind the camera. Her first noteworthy role was as the main antagonist in the Street Fighter: Resurrection TV series with Machinima. She was most recently starred as the role of The Blonde Zealot in Marvel’s Doctor Strange, alongside Benedict Cumberbatch, Chewitel Ejiofor, Tilda Swinton, Mads Mikkelsen, Benedict Wong, Rachel McAdams, Scott Adkins etc.



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